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God's Grace and Mercy Runs Deep for Christians

Christians are Mooching off God: Grace and Mercy Runs Deep

A Short Video by Minister Daniel Sweet

When you pray are you always asking God for stuff? Why not ask Him what YOU can do for HIM next time? See what He says. Shocking concept, right?

Most Christians are spiritual moochers. They are like bad house guests who take and complain but never contribute. They are like mouthy, unruly, ungrateful children more concerned with themselves than with the feelings of their parents. This ought not to be. Minister Daniel Sweet from God's Word First Biblical Research & Teaching Ministry explains the depths of God's grace toward us using an example we can all relate to.

Just like we care for children and pets by our own grace, God cares for us through His divine grace and mercy. God gives to you first through grace. Then it's your turn to give back. Then He gives you more. Then you give back more. See how this works?

Think about all God has done for you in your life. He's taken your dirty corrupt soul off the dark evil streets of life into a well lit home. He gave you a bath cleansing you in His holy spirit. He gave you authority and power in His household. He clothes you, feeds you and He teaches you wisdom of the ages... All paid for by Christ- AT NO COST TO YOU!

Ask God what He wants you do to today. Not your own will, but His will be done. When you do God's will, His grace will fulfill all your wants, needs and desires beyond your wildest imagination- plus more! "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things [all the necessities of life] shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33

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