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Most Christians Donít Have Power from on High, Get it Now

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How to get the power of God in your life: First, watch the video above. Then read the lesson titled Gifts or Manifestations? A Greek word study of 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 "For to one is given... to another.."

When a person is born again they receive “power from on high” that is the gift of holy spirit and that person can then manifest all of the powers found within that one gift. But a poor translation of 1 Corinthians Chapter 12 in most bibles seems to read that there are many different “gifts”; and that some people get some gifts while other people get other gifts, and that some people don’t get any gifts at all.

Too many born again Christians are walking around naked, stripped of God’s power by they’re own doing. How can that be? Because they are lazy bible students. They read only one version of the bible and think that is the whole truth. Or worse yet, they don’t read the bible at all! Well, neither of those are enough.

We Christians must research scripture to the best of our ability in its earliest known languages to get past translational errors and get to the root of the closest version of the truth that we possibly can. Not be led by poor translations of the English Bible leading to false beliefs!

Also see Receive the Holy Spirit. It's a Greek Word Study of "Lambano" and Dechomai". These two Greek words are both translated as "receive" but they refer to different kinds of receiving. Knowing the difference means having power from on high or having no spiritual power at all.

Check out this audio sermon called the Power of Pentecost and get your power from on high today! This bible study lesson shows you how to access God's power from on High for life changing results. Because on the first Pentecost in Acts 2 limitless Power from On High was given to all born again believers in Jesus Christ. “But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.” 1 Cor 12:7 - So you can have it too. You just need to know how to get it. The Power of Pentecost audio sermon gets you going.


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