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How to Tithe Right: Giving from Your Heart
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The lady on the phone had a question.
"I've been giving money away for years and I haven‘t seen my own prosperity grow at all. What am I doing wrong?"
—"Where are you giving money?"
—"To my local church.“
—"Why are you giving them money?"
I asked.
—"They need it."
—"How do you feel when you give it to them?"
—"Like I am helping them out of a hole."
—"But how do you really feel when you give them money?"

There was a moment of silence.

"Well, it‘s a pain," she admitted. —"I cringe when I write them a check."
—"Not good. If you feel lousy when you give money, then you are associating money with bad feelings,"
I explained. "You probably don‘t want to attract more bad feelings, so you probably won‘t attract much more money, either."
—"Wow. I never thought of it that way."
—"And if you give because someone asked for it or even pleaded for it, then you are reinforcing need,"
I explained. "In order for you to experience increased wealth, you want to give money wherever it makes you feel good to do so. In other words, giving to someone who needs it is a noble thing to do. Do it. But that‘s not the principle I‘m talking about here."
—"I get it!“
she said.

I couldn't help but think some other part of the universe was helping her understand what I couldn't explain.

"What did you get?" I asked.
"I‘ve been keeping the church in a begging mode," she said. "My heart wants to give money to wherever I feel spiritual nourishment. Sometimes that‘s my church. Sometimes it‘s not."
—"You got it!"
I said.

And there you have it.

You can give money to any causes you like. I've helped The Red Cross, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, cancer funds, and more. But I didn't expect my finances to increase from that giving. That generosity was helping, yes, but not necessarily activating spiritual law.

The spiritual law of financial income seems to happen when you give money freely to wherever you get your spiritual nourishment, with a small expectation that somehow, some way, some day, your finances will increase as a result.

Giving to worthy causes might activate the law if you feel you received spiritual nourishment from those causes. But if you didn‘t, and you give anyway, you are probably just helping people in need. That, of course, is noble. I say do it.

Beware This Great Trap in Giving and Tithing

Don‘t beg for money and expect to get wealthy. Just look at the beggars on the streets. They are not living prosperous life styles. They are just getting by, if that. Or look at the people who do fund-raising. Most of them are begging, though they would never call it that, and they never seem to have enough. Is that a clue or what?

Don‘t give money to beggars and expect to get wealthy. I didn‘t say don‘t help the poor, though it‘s questionable how much it helps them to hand them things. Instead, I‘m saying don‘t give money to people just because they ask for it and expect to turn on the universe‘s cornucopia.

I see giving money out of a sense of obligation or duty as a trap. That was always the problem I had with ministers who asked people to give money because either (a) they needed it or (b) the Bible decreed it.

Either may be true. But if you or anyone gives money without a feeling of joy in your heart, it is highly unlikely that the money you gave will come back to you multiplied. The best way to determine where to give money is to ask yourself one simple question:

Where did you receive the most joy?

And if you want further clarity, or more questions to assist you in knowing where to give money, try these on for size:
Where were you reminded of your divinity?
Where were you encouraged to go for your dreams?
Who made you feel glad to be alive?

Whatever your answer, that's where to give your money. Many people have had a psychological block against tithing (giving), because so many theologians have stressed what tithing would do for the church rather than what it could do for the individual.

But you need to think about it the other way around. Giving is always more about the giver than the receiver. Think about the holiday season. How much joy and happiness do you experience when giving gifts, giving of yourself, your time / attention or even sharing a meal with others in your home?

That feeling plus all the blessings and good will that come with it is the true heart of giving.

May God bless you greatly!

Click Here to Give a Gift and Activate God's Blessings in Your Life Today

Dr. Joe Vitale speaks in Tithing and Giving from the Heart

Article courtesy Joe Vitale from his book "The Greatest Money Making Secret in History". Dr. Joe Vitale is a man of God and the President of Texas-based marketing firm, Hypnotic Marketing, Inc. He has written more books on marketing from a Christian perspective than most folks have read—including one for the American Marketing Association… not to mention the worldwide best-seller "The Attractor Factor". Learn more at www.mrfire.com




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