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We would like to share the following letter with you. It was written to Debbra Sweet from one of our faithful church members, Mr. Sharkey Collier (reprinted with his permission of course):

Dear Debbra,

I had a profound thought that hit me this morning and I don't know...

During my 20 year career in the US Navy, I have traveled around the world and I’ve noticed that everyone except for a very, very and I do mean so, so small minority believe that Jesus Christ is GOD. And that their relationship is with Jesus rather than GOD himself. It is disturbing when someone says that they work the manifestations of the gift of holy spirit by the power of Jesus.

I feel so alone at times with no one to truly fellowship with and to believe with. I have shared and showed some truth and my witness is met with “Well tell me about your relationship with Jesus”, and in my heart all I want to say is “What is your relation to GOD our Father!”

This tries the Doctrine that is in Romans that I have and hold on to. What has happened? Why are there so many of them (Billions of trinitarians) and so few (Thousands) of us Unitarians? What is the @&%^$ problem?

Am I to question me? Or to disregard them as true believers? Have I been holding to my Fathers words wrong or am I a small grain of sand in a big pile of dirt?

Sometimes I feel like being the crier out in the street saying aloud: “What they are teaching you is all WRONG!” It is filled with half-truths and covered in more half-truths. Do not be fooled with their Doctorates of Theology and the swinging of colorful wands or by the enchanting music that only satisfies your emotions.

Jesus Christ, a Man of flesh and blood, is the mediator; not the GOD that approved of him (Jesus)! This Jesus is anointed of GOD, not himself, quickened by GOD, not by himself.

Do not think as the Devil to lower GOD to the status of a man! Because GOD has never been nor can or will he ever be tempted with evil! Jesus the MAN was tempted as we are daily: to not believe the Word of GOD.

You stand there with your religious symbols (You know… the “What would Jesus Do?” arm bands, crosses, rosaries, smudges of ash on your forehead, etc) and proclaim, “We are of GOD” then why don't you hear the Christ? READ Matthew, Mark, Luke and John and listen. Close your ear to the vain teachings of evil men and know this: That your error
and their error do not make any right.

Ask them this: Is GOD a sprit? Does GOD tempt us? Did GOD die? What is the Blood Covenant… what is a Covenant? Is Jesus my example? If so, am I to be GOD also? Why don't you teach us correctly? Why DON'T YOU TELL US THE TRUTH? WHAT IS THE TRUTH? And they will only pile lies (dirt) on top of more lies (dirt).

By then I hope Christ returns and gets us grains sand out of the big pile of dirt. Thanks for listening, I get so frustrated with the world that I just want to scream sometimes.

I Love you very much!!!

Sharkey Collier


Debbra writes back:

Hang tight my dear friend!   

It's interesting that you speak on this subject. It's a frequent topic of conversation between Daniel and myself. There have been times where the voices around you speaking these statements become overwhelming and frustrating to hear. It could open the door to begin to doubt one's own thoughts on the subject.

Just a few weeks ago, I had a major run in with this very situation. She confounded the confusion even more by pointing out that Elohim is plural - and that Genesis starts out with it.  (It has been quite a long time since I have really worked this subject so I simply listened to her) It bugged me so much that I've been starting to work this subject again. 

Having again researched the subject, I do deeply believe that the knowledge we have come to learn and believe is the truth... that Jesus Christ is NOT God! My belief on this is pretty steadfast- however, I don't like being caught off guard when it comes to the truth in a situation like I was in.

It is hard and challenging to be without fellowship of like minded believers to be right at your side.  That's the cool thing about the phone and the internet- it’s the same as right there.

Just remember, the devil wishes people to worship him. This lie that Jesus is God is one of his biggest, baddest and most sneakiest ever.  It's concealment of his motives actually out in the open. (The volumes of people who believe this can't really be wrong... can they??) LOL!  Anyway- those few of us, who do believe, need to stay strong. When you look at the Word and work the future yet to come, the elect that is referenced as being in charge... the numbers are relatively small!

Anyway, stay strong, speak in tongues much and know you can blow off this kind of steam on me anytime!!

Have a blessed day,
Debbra Sweet

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