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Our goal is to help you stay connected to ministry insights and understanding with bible study tips, tools and resources to keep your walk with God strong. We are reaching out to people all over the world who hunger to know the truth of God's Word in order to manifest God's power through the Gift of Holy Spirit. 

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Newsletter Archive:

2012 October - A New Reformation in Spirtual Awakening
2012 September - Pride, Meekness & Humility
2012 August - The Meaning of Amen
2012 July - Wings as Eagles
2012 June - Celebrating Father's Day
2012 May - Mother's Day
2012 April - Easter
2012 March - Luck
2012 February- Love
2012 January - Grace
2011 December - Christmas
2011 November- Being Thankful
2011 October- Discerning Spirits
2011 September- Faith vs. Fear
2011 August- Wisdom
2011 July- National Prayer
2011 June- Faith and Believing
2011 May - Patience
2011 April - Communion
2011 February - God's Power
2011 January - Receiving Holy Spirit
2010 December - Birth of Christ
2010 November - Feeling Empty?
2010 October - Halloween
2010 September - Faith Explained
2010 August - Bible Contradictions


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