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Word of Knowledge: A Manifestation of
the Gift of Holy Spirit
- Bible Lesson by Daniel Sweet

Word of Knowledge is a revelation manifestation of the Gift of Holy Spirit. It is you receiving special information from God concerning any given situation. This is known as a “revelation” manifestation because it is God “revealing” something to you. Word of Knowledge is first mentioned in I Cor 12:8 – “For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit;”

Word of Knowledge and Word of Wisdom

So Word of Knowledge is plain information, and its companion manifestation, Word of Wisdom, is what to do with that information. Gaining wisdom is important because what good is knowledge if you don’t know what to do with it right? That’s why these two manifestations are kind of like a package deal. They go together. They can operate separately, and do at times. But usually they are done together.

Word of Knowledge and Word of Wisdom are not about you getting smart or being smart, although that is usually a by product, it is about you getting specific information from God that you can not possibly know from your 5 senses. They are two types of divine information that do not come from your brain; they come from the gift of holy spirit.

Message of Knowledge

“Word” in Word of Knowledge might be better translated as “message” because “message” more accurately communicates what God is giving you by revelation: a message. The Greek word logos, often translated “word,” does not always refer to a “vocabulary word,” but rather to a “word” in the sense of a concept or idea. Thus, the entire Bible is referred to as “the Word of God,” i.e., the message from God.

So this “word” or message from God can come to you in several different ways. It could be as a word like an audible voice from God or an angel or another believer, or a voice in your head or in your heart; but it can also come as a picture, or a vision, or as a physical sensation, or even as a firm realization, an inner knowing.

How to Know When You are Hearing from God

Have you ever had a feeling about something... or someone just pops into your head and you know deep down in your heart that you have to take action on that thought or feeling right now? You ever experience intuition?

Those are examples of how God could be speaking to you through the spirit. God is that still small voice inside your heart. Don’t be expecting a thunderbolt to strike you or the sky parting or a burning bush or a glowing angel appearing before you. That rarely happens, and when it does, it’s either an earth changing matter of massive importance… or you are not listening with your spirit so God has to approach you through a less effective medium, i.e. your five senses.

God will not, in most cases, speak to you through the physical world. He has placed inside you a much better receiver, the Gift of Holy Spirit and He speaks to you through that. He is that small still voice deep inside your heart. He is your conscience; He is that knowing sense of right and wrong that you hold deep down inside your heart. He’s that cramp in the pit of your stomach you get when you know you are doing wrong and that elated feeling of joy you get when you know you are doing something special and good.

That’s the way it usually is, it can be rather mundane. When you have been operating these manifestations for a while, and have experience with them, you will just simply know when it is God and when it’s not. Another way to know is it turns out good. You listen to the tug at your heart strings or follow your intuition and things work out right. Then you look back on that experience and realize, yup, that was God.

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