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Power from on High is Worthless IF You Donít Do This

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God gave you power within His gift of holy spirit. So now what?

Your power is worthless if not shared with others in a heart of love.

Power. Wars have been waged for it. Lives have been built and destroyed because of it. Everyone wants it to some degree. Power in personal freedom. Power to make your own life choices. Power in your home. Power in finances. Power in business. Power in industry. Power in government. Some even dream of the ultimate power, total world domination.

To what end? You have to ask yourself that question in anything you do. Especially in your quest for whatever level of power you desire in your life. Ask yourself, “to what end? What do want out of it? Whatever it is that you most want, have you thought it through? Or are you just pursuing a fantasy? If you don’t have a well thought out plan, then how will you know when you’ve reached your goal? You won’t.

If you get in your car to drive somewhere, but you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? You won’t. Without a plan you’ll forever be chasing your dreams but never really catching them. Without a destination, you’ll just drive around never getting anywhere.

Let’s say you have a plan. And you reach your goal. Congratulations! Ask yourself again, to what end? Freedom? Fame? Fortune? Recognition? In the end, was it all worth it? Want to know a secret? It’s all VANITY without God. Void. Empty. Worthless. Might as well be dung on your shoe. It’s just as useful.

Some of you might be asking “What? Why is he saying that?” Does it hurt your feelings to know that everything you accomplish for yourself is worthless? They key word to be considering here is “Yourself”.

What good are all your accomplishments if you don't (either can't or won’t) share them with others?

Pause on that question for a second and deeply ponder it. I know most of us don’t think of ourselves as selfish. But how much of your wealth do you share with others? I’m not talking just about money. What else are you wealthy in, what do you have power over? Knowledge? Time? Unique abilities? Special skill sets?

Does God have power? Would you say He has the ultimate power in the universe? Of course He does. To what end? What good is God’s power to Him if He doesn’t share it with others?

That’s where we come in. God made us in His image. Not in the physical image of man, but in a spiritual and emotional image. We are just like our creator in our core emotions. Our creative thought. Our sense of independence. Our need to be right. Our desire to be loved, appreciated and respected. Wanting to have a family and close meaningful friendships with others. Our great generosity in giving to our friends and in providing for our loved ones.

Is God any different in those feelings? He wants all that plus more. Just like we do.

You want power? You got it. Paid for in blood. Not yours, someone else. God gave us power within His gift of holy spirit. Power in personal freedom. Power to make your own life choices. Power to be the master of your own home. Power in business. Power in industry. Power in government. Power in finances. Power over dark forces.

To what end? Power is worthless if not shared with others in a heart of love. As a born again Christian, God gave you power from on high within His gift of holy spirit through Jesus Christ. Now what are you going to do with it?

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