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How to Get Miracles from the Holy Spirit

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1 Corinthians 12:10 says that working of miracles is one of the nine manifestations found within the gift of holy sprit. As God wills, He grants us the power and authority to command into effect an extraordinary unexplainable event in the physical world that surpasses all known human powers or laws of nature.

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What is a Miracle?

The dictionary defines a miracle as, “An effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause or an act of God.”

Miracles happen all around us, every day. We’re so busy looking for the big display miracles; the “extraordinary events” that we tend to miss the smaller quiet ones.

Why Miracles Happen

A miracle is granted by God for certain reasons. They are:

We’ll look a little deeper into some examples of those in the audio sermon (now available on CD or mp3 download).

Seeing Miracles

Would the average non-Christian person recognize a miracle if they saw one? Would a Christian? Most people say they would know a miracle if they saw one; but I don’t think so, otherwise a lot less people would be seeking an answer to the following question: Where are all the modern day miracles? I’ve heard many people ask that question, more rhetorically than anything. Not that they expect an answer because most people, including Christians don’t really believe in miracles anyway.

To most people, non-Christians, the bible is just a nice story full of wonder and comfort. But to them it’s just a book and it’s not real. And surprisingly, to a lot of Christians, the bible is just a nice story full of wonder and comfort. We like to call these Christians “fluff Christians” or “hollow bodies” because they lack spiritual substance.

They want to believe in the bible, and they say out loud that they do. But when tested on the spiritual battle field they fail miserably. Because deep down inside they are not totally convinced that the bible is real and that it is truth AND that it applies directly to them! They just can’t seem to wrap their mind around it and relate to it; they feel it’s not a true reflection of reality as they know it; the time we live in right now is real. Or so they think.

Where are Modern Day Miracles?

When people ask, “Where are all the modern day miracles?” it’s just a fantasy question like when women ask, “Where’s my Prince Charming?” or “Where’s my Knight in Shining Armor?” For you guys, “Where’s my super model?” When someone suggests that an occurrence or an event was a miracle, most people will down play it, try to explain it away or just call you crazy… because to them miracles aren’t real, right?

What is it about miracles that sound good as a fantasy but in reality put people off? They read about them in the bible, “that was then” they’d say. They marvel at magicians and illusionists, but they know it’s just entertainment and that’s those are not real either.

Some people are more impressionable than others. These people go to fortune tellers or read their horoscope looking for truth. Many people believe in these mediums. They will believe they are talking to their dead grandmother through a psychic; they will be amazed when the table levitates beneath their hands, but they don’t believe in miracles from God.

Believing = Receiving

Do you want to know a secret? That’s precisely why most people are not seeing modern day miracles… because they don’t believe! You can’t perform a miracle without first believing that you can and likewise neither will you recognize a miracle when you see it; if you do not believe they exist.Be aware of the small quiet miracles that God works daily in your life. Make sure you give God the glory for every miracle you see, be it large or small.

If you are praying for a specific miracle to happen then keep in mind that it must meet one or more of the four criteria or it’s a no go:

The more of these criteria you can meet the better. If it does not meet any of those, then figure out a way that it can and commit to making that happen. Adding that to your prayers and knowing what a miracle from God looks like, I think you’ll be seeing a whole lot more modern day miracles in your life from now on.

God bless you!

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