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Miracle Healing in the Bible: Truth or Myth?

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Healing is nature’s way of repairing any living organism. Any living thing can heal itself in time given the right conditions, even if it is near death as long as the injury is not too severe to recover from. There is nothing new or supernatural about that.

However, when God is involved, healing takes a step beyond normal. Sometimes a lot of steps beyond normal really fast. When that happens, it’s a miracle.

Top 3 Biblical Healing Myths

1) Not Enough Faith

I have heard many Christians say that if a sick person has enough faith, God will always heal him, and that if one does not get healed, it is because he didn’t have enough faith. That is a myth. While faith is an integral part, there is more involved than just having faith to getting you healed.

2) Healing Not Available Today

There are others who seem to think that healing is not available today. They say it was just a “Jesus thing”. That only Jesus, his apostles and maybe a few prophets were able to do that. This also is a myth. Healing and being healed is very much available today to any born again Christian the same way it was in the bible.

3) Sickness and Death is God's Plan

Far too many Christians have the nerve to say that God is the one who sends sickness and death. They say it's to make us humble, or to test our faith or teach us a lesson. What a bunch of BS straight from the devil! No loving god, such as our Father in heaven, would inflict pain and suffering on his children. Would you, who is less than God, do that to your own loved ones? I sure hope not! Because that's what the devil does.

Top (and ONLY) Biblical Healing TRUTH

1) God Does Not Want You Sick or Dead

What good are you to Him as a representative of Jesus Christ on Earth if you are feeble and sick, or even dead? If you are feeble and sick you are of little use. If you are dead then you’re no use at all.

God originally designed man perfect so he can live forever. Adam messed it all up in the Garden of Eden, lost his spiritual connection with God and handed control of the Earth over to the devil. Long story short now we have sickness and death. Sickness and death is not caused by God, it’s caused by the devil. Remember that.

The good news is that God figured out a way to reconnect us spiritually by sending His son to be our savior. Jesus did his thing, became the sacrifice for our sins, by his stripes you were healed (1 Peter 2:24) and now when we accept it by getting born again (that’s Romans 10:9-10) you get the Gift of Holy Spirit and through it you gain a direct spiritual connection to God.

Christ defeated sickness and death for us so that we may live! God loves you and wants you happy, healthy, and whole. So that's why healing is available RIGHT NOW, TODAY!

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