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The Book of Revelation, the End Times and the Rapture
By Daniel Sweet

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[NOTE: This letter was first written sometime in late 2009. Since then, the author and we at God's Word First have grown in our Biblical studies concerning Eschatological (end times) scripture. We now hold a different view on the rapture than we previously held as outlined in this letter. We've decided to leave it online, unedited, in order to preserve on record our previous point of view and note our subsequent growth.]

A friend wrote to me recently concerning the "Day of Christ" in the Book of Revelation asking me this question about the end times and the rapture:

"What is your honest opinion about how much time we have left here?"

The following was my heart felt, honest answer:

"You know, there have been many individuals and groups who at times over 1000's of years have proclaimed doomsday and that the end is near.

I'm positive we are living in the end times... but I don't know if the end is right around the corner. It might be, I don't really care. I'll go about my life until God tells me to do otherwise. No one knows exactly when the end is, not even Christ. Only God knows for sure.

So don't worry about the world, it's done for. If you are born again then you are saved. Leave the dead to bury their dead. What I'm about to tell you is of major importance so listen up... when Christ comes back and calls you, you need to answer him and follow.

Sounds easy right? Might not be as easy as you think so you need to be prepared for the situation. Think about it... God says the rapture will happen in the blink of an eye. Not much time to think about it when it happens right? Let me ask you this... does God ever do anything against your free will? No! He values free will second only to His own Word. He valued the free will of non believers over the life of His own son.

When Christ comes calling You have to go to him, freely.

So when Christ comes calling, do you think he's just going to take you? I don't think it works that way. You have to go to him, freely. You have to be ready to walk away from everything... everybody... non believing friends, family, pets, possessions... your entire life as you know it. Are you ready to do that right now? 


Really do some hard core soul searching on this question because your life literally does depend on it. If your mind is not made up on this point right now then it will be too late to ponder the question when Christ comes. He's gathering the people that go to him, then he's gone. Anyone who does not go with him will be left behind. That's a harsh reality my friends.

If I'm wrong on this point then so what. But if I'm right... Think about how many Christians there are who say they love God, go to church, pray a lot, etc. but they really love the world more than they love God. Maybe it's because the world seems real to them and God is just a comforting thought, I don't know.

To me it's the other way around. I know God exists, we talk. I hear him, I feel him, I see his effects in physical manifestation. I also know that the world and all creation is not as solid and real as it appears to be. Science has proven that all matter is basically made up of energy. So when you think about it... all reality should be viewed in reverse. Meaning, that which seems real to us is only an illusion. And that which can not be readily perceived with the five senses... energy... is the only thing that actually IS real! Wrap you mind around that one.

"When the rapture happens I want to see you
up there with Christ... not left behind on Earth."

I know this is a heavy subject... but it is very serious. And what I’ve just told you is only my educated opinion, not scripture. I could be wrong... but why take the chance. Better safe than sorry. Prepare your heart now while there's time. Being caught by surprise with a major decision is never a good thing.

You know, it might happen like the scripture says - taken in the blink of an eye - but then what? Maybe that is when we make the free will choice, while we are still in the clouds with Christ, before we leave the Earth. Probably only have a little time to consider it, have closure and say good bye to Earth till we come back. Sadly, I think many will be torn and choose to stay behind.

Not me, I am not sticking around for all the BS that will hit the Earth. If we stay, then what happens to us afterwards... whether we live or die... (probably die)? Can you imagine how disappointed (or pissed) God and Christ will be in those who stay behind? I don't want that either.

When we go, it's off to Boot Camp. Be ready for that too. We're not going to be sitting around on clouds playing harps... we are preparing to go to WAR! Remember that. Your new job will be a soldier being trained to understand your new body, your new powers, the spiritual universe around you... then come back to Earth to kick butt and take over control.

Then we can chill for a while but the Earth is going to be a messed up wasteland by the time we get done with it. It's going to be a really hard time. Lots of re-building. But at least we'll be on the WINNING TEAM. I think the victory of it all will be severely tempered by the weight and sadness of all the carnage.

Sorry if I seem to come off as a harbinger of doom. I really do have a positive outlook for the end result. The Earth will be purged of evil, cleansed and God will be in power again putting us in charge. That's cool. I just want Christians to be braced and ready for the utter shock and horror of what is to come.

You know what they say about disaster readiness: "Prepare, Plan and Stay Informed."

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By: Daniel Sweet


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