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Thoughts on Christian Musician By Larry Hayden

I am a 66 year old man who is a Christian musician and has been a bible-believing follower of Jesus since 1965. I have worshiped to countless Christian songs over the last 44 years. I have served as a worship leader.

I love the old hymns as well as some the newer praise songs, and some of the latest praise and worship songs. My experience has led me to believe that some songs are inspirational and some simply are not.

Why is that? It actually seems to me that some songs have an anointing from God, and while others do not.

"Since music is such an integral part of worship, I believe it is VITAL for the worship leader to be able to tell the difference; VITAL to choose songs that touch the spirit." 

Notice that the word inspirational contains the word spirit. Music touches the spirit, and that is the reason why music plays such a pronounced role in church worship. Some songs have what I would call a high “inspirational ranking” while others have a lower “inspirational ranking.

Christians intuitively know when they are being touched. The same reasoning applies when a Christian is immediately turned off if they hear music which is crass or vulgar. And I believe that many of you reading this have had the unpleasant experience of enduring a song service comprised of songs that would be classified in the low “inspirational ranking”.

A similar inspirational ranking index applies to musicians who play in the church band or orchestra.

Some followers of Christ are very sensitive to perform songs as a sweet tribute to the Lord, while others who may not even be a follower of Christ, play the songs the same way a “bar band” would play them.

The bar band plays to insure glory to the musician, the Christian musician plays to insure glory to God.  I have played with both types of musicians and I can tell you as a musician it is very easy to tell the difference!

Thanks for reading!

Larry Hayden is a Christian singer, guitarist, song writer.


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