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Sin and Forgiveness

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Sin clouds our thinking. Sin tempts us to overestimate our abilities; then sin ensnares us in its deceitful and deadly web of death. Sin wounds others. And as the bible reminds us, not all sin is the same! Some folks have suggested that one sin is not greater than another because all sin separates us from God. While the latter part of that statement is true, the first isn't.

In John 19, there is the account of Jesus' trial before Pilate. Jesus' own people, the same people who knew the character and the promises of God, distorted their legal process. In so doing they called down curses on themselves and their children. And then they honored a godless emperor as their king as they asked for God's Son, there true king, to be killed.

Why Some Sins are Worse Than Other Sin

While Pilate's weakness and pandering to the crowd is definitely sin, Jesus emphasizes that the sin of the religious leaders was the greater sin. Sin matters to God, all sin and every sin matters to God! However, some sin involves us engaging and influencing others to sin. Some sin, especially that of parents, Bible teachers, and leaders gets replicated and passed on as a sin problem to coming generations.

Some sin involves our own bodies, the very temple of God through his Holy Spirit. So let's not be glib about sin. Instead, let's focus on doing what is right, saying what is true, and keeping our commitments to the God of all grace. And when we do sin, let's acknowledge it before God and receive his gracious gift of forgiveness and cleansing.

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