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The Dangerous Road of Sexual Immorality

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NOTE: The editorial article below was first published April 21, 2012. Back then the author posed controversial questions that seemed absurd by some and outrageous by most people at the time. However, as of September 2019, many of the outrageous controversies put forth are now commonly accepted in modern culture. Sex robots are common place. Sex with animals is encouraged in certain religions. The LGBTQ community is accepting pedophiles into their ranks as an "alternative lifestyle" that is perfectly okay with them. And there is legislation passing soon to allow pedophiles free legal access to physically fulfill their sexual fantasies with children.

We at God's Word First believe that there should be a clear distinction between right and wrong from a biblical perspective concerning sex and morality. Choosing to stand on God's Word and hold to classic Christian beliefs about sex and morality does not make you "intolerant", "bigoted', or "hateful" towards others. What it does make you is approved before God on that which HE says is right. Which side do you want to be on? God's side or the sinner's side?

The author suggests that "These acts might be legal in our near future due to our declining morality unless something is done about it." 50 years was the guess. As of 2019, only 7 years later, it's already coming to pass! At this rate of moral decline we don't have 50 years until the world goes dark with dangerous behavior and deviant sexual immorality. So what are we going to do about it? What are YOU going to do about it.

Please share this page with others. Have conversations about the evil implications of mainstream society continuing down this dark, evil, and immoral road towards total destruction. We can turn the tides on the devil and his ways. Since knowledge is power then share the Good Word of God before it's too late.

Below is the editorial from April 2012.


Is it Okay for Adults to have Sex with Children, Animals, or maybe even robots?

In today’s culture in the USA (in 2012) the answer to adults having sex with children should get a resounding “NO!” And I have to agree with that viewpoint.

But according to our current laws in the USA is it narrow and discriminatory?

How about this question, is it okay for men to have sex with other men? Or women having sex with women? In today’s culture the dominant answer is “yes, it’s okay”. But if you asked Americans that same question 50 years ago the answer would have been “No, it’s not okay, it’s lewd and immoral.”

50 years ago it was considered lewd and immoral for a woman to show her bare tummy. 100 years ago it was unheard of for a decent woman to show her ankles yet alone any other skin other than her face and hands! Now women are prancing around in public wearing g-string bikinis and the people say it's okay.

So what happened?

Most Americans agree that we as a nation of diverse people have become more tolerant of difference and more loving to others. We are moving from intolerance and discrimination toward tolerance and fairness. “Let people be who they were born to be, as long as they are not hurting anyone, it’s all good” seems to be the politically correct mantra of the day.

With each new tiny socially acceptable slip in decency comes the eventual degradation of morality that is leading to the ultimate decay of our society.

The Dangerous Road of Sexual Immorality

Well then, allow me to propose my original question again, within 50 years from now, will it be okay for adults to have sex with children? It's already okay in other counties. Has been for millennia. This is the road of immorality that we as a nation are driving on. Think about where we’ve been, where we are now, and where it could be going. And it’s not just a road with low speed limits anymore; it’s becoming more like an eight lane super highway to hell!

I know that sounds really extreme, but let’s call it what it is.

What’s right up around the bend you might ask? Sex with animals? The argument would be the same that rages on for gay couples. “They are not hurting anyone; the animal seems happy and well cared for, what’s the big deal?” You scoff now, but so did others scoff at gay rights activists just 25 years ago.

Sex with robots? How about marriage between humans and robots? It’s a known fact among scientists that computers will become conscience, self aware thinking beings within the next 20 years or less. Technology is rapidly increasing in the field of robotics. There are already programs written for machines in existence that can self replicate and build its own upgraded replacement. With each new generation, which in machine time can be as little as one day, each new machine is better and more advanced than the one that built it.

Bodies are being made for these newly developing electronic minds. Google Hanson Robotics and read up, then search on YouTube. You will be amazed. Their slogan is: “We Bring Robots to Life.” Their Mission Statement: “Hanson Robotics was founded in late 2003 to awaken intelligent robotic beings, grant them sparks of true consciousness and creativity, and distribute these beings and their constituent technologies into the world.”

In 25-50 years I predict that computers will be conscience and be housed in android type bodies. They will walk among us as socially accepted members of our society. Then the question will arise, as conscience beings, should they have the same basic rights that humans enjoy? The answer will probably be yes. And if they have rights, then shouldn’t they be allowed to marry each other? Probably yes. And reproduce progeny of their own? Yup. Next comes interracial human robot relationships and marriage.

This is our future unless we take a stand. So let's change it!

Sex with children, animals and maybe even robots may seem weird and wrong now, by today’s standards. But what about tomorrow’s standards? These acts might be legal in our near future due to our declining morality unless something is done about it.

What about self mutilation, human sacrifice and many other deviant behaviors that decency prohibits me to mention here? Other cultures in history have embraced all these and more as socially acceptable. In some cases even demanded by law. And where are those cultures now? All have fallen. Think about it.

In the holy bible it reads, "For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life”. Matthew 7:13-14. It’s time we as a nation get off the highway of immorality and back onto the road to God; for our own good, for the future of our society and more importantly, for the good and safe well being of our children.

Adhering to Christian beliefs about sex and morality does not make you "intolerant", "bigoted', or "hateful" towards others. Forgiveness of sins available from God just for the asking! And by taking action. So please share this page and talk about the evil implications of mainstream society that is racing headlong down this dark, evil, and immoral road towards total destruction.

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