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God Given Gifts: Which One is
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Of all the God given gifts we are so graciously given by God, did you know that God has given each of us a gift so POWERFUL that it trumps even His own power? It’s true. People use this God given gift every day to help others or to bash God over the head.

Christian or not, you have this power that can stop God in His tracks and even reverse His good works. Want to know what it is? The greatest gift of God is called FREE WILL.

“As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.” - Psalm 103:12 - If that’s so then why are mine still right in front of my face? Because my own free will gets in the way. God removes my transgressions and I take them back. It’s like playing spiritual tug-o-war. If I take them back enough times, eventually He’ll let me keep them.

God values your Free Will so much that once you make a decision He will not get in your way to stop you. Even if your actions are against the good that God is trying to do for you.

This principle works for good and for bad. Taking back transgression and sin that God removed from me is bad. But it’s a good thing to take His promises into my heart making them my own. It’s good to pull His spiritual blessings toward me. It’s good to push away evil.

Free will brings the most tender loving care… and it can also bring vile hated with the most despicable acts. You decide which; it’s your destiny you are living.

* * *

God Given Gifts: Which is the Greatest Gift of God? Christian inspirational free will article by God’s Word First Minister Daniel Sweet.

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