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Are you praying for physical healing from God?

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When people think about healing in the bible, the first thing that usually comes to mind is physical healing. They think of Jesus or the apostles cleansing lepers or healing the lame so they can walk or the blind to see again and even raising people from the dead. There is record though out the entire bible where men and women of God manifested gifts of healing. When you read about them, it always seems like it was so easy for them to do.

While physical healing is important, there is another kind of healing that is just as important, if not more. It’s emotional healing. Want to take a guess as to why emotional healing is so darn important? Because emotional healing MUST happen first before you can get physical healing.

Negative Feelings

If your heart is not right, if you’re in a state or turmoil, distress and unrest, or experiencing feelings of doubt, worry and fear then miraculous physical healing will not happen. You'll have to settle for your own body’s natural healing to take place. And even then, it’s been proven in countless clinical and scientific studies that when people who have a negative attitude or feelings of doubt, worry and fear, then healing goes much slower for them and with more complications.

Having doubt, worry and fear leading the forefront of your thoughts and emotions is a poor mindset that is not conducive to healing. Doubt, worry and fear are the Off Switches to God’s power in your life. If you want rapid healing then you need to have God’s power turned on in your life.

Positive Feelings

In these same clinical studies scientists were amazed when they found that people who maintain a positive attitude heal faster and come out stronger than those who have a negative attitude. Healing goes much faster for those with a positive attitude and with fewer complications. This works for both emotional and physical issues. Those being counseled in therapy, surgery patients, people fighting cancer, trauma victims and even something as simple as recovering from the common cold!

What is a positive attitude? Confidence, trust and believing (also known as faith), these constitute a positive attitude.  These are the On Switches to God’s power flowing though your life and will bring rapid healing. When you have confidence in the Gift of Holy Spirit that is within you, and you have trust in God that He can heal you from whatever malady you may be experiencing, whether emotional or physical, then that leads to believing and a strong faith in being healed.

This is absolutely crucial!

Your attitude, your mindset has to be right first. You have to be mentally heading in a positive direction with feelings of confidence, trust and believing that God will heal you before anything will manifest physically.

As we know from a previous lesson in Discerning of Spirits, what happens in the physical world is ALWAYS a direct result of something that happened first in the spiritual realm. When you get your head straight and your emotions in check, then that connects your spirit with God and you get your healing. That’s when the miracles happen.

You must have a positive attitude of expectancy along with a crystal clear mental vision of the exact outcome you truly want and then super charge it with faith. Then watch how fast and powerfully God comes through for you.

When seeking healing from God, you must:

  1. Believe that God can and will heal you.
  2. You must have the “power” turned on with a positive mindset and,
  3. You must be operating the Gift of Holy Spirit in order to receive God’s instruction.

Emotional healing must happen before you can get physical healing from God. Replace negative feeling with positive feelings. Believe God will heal you through the power of Holy Spirit and then you'll have healing answers to your prayers.

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