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Born Again Christians are Real Life Superheroes

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“With great power comes great responsibility.” That’s a quote from Marvel Comics character Uncle Ben from “The Amazing Spider-Man” comic book series. Wise words indeed. I always loved this quote. It was great advice when applied to young Peter Parker being a super hero. It also applies well to government leaders, corporate management, your boss at work and yes, to a Christian endued with “Power from on High” having the gift of holy spirit.

BOLD CLAIM: According to Jesus Christ, every born again Christian has the potential to be a real life super hero. Was Jesus a superhero? Heck yeah he was!

Jesus went around healing the sick, raising people from the dead, feeding the hungry, doing all kinds of cool miracles with super powers everyone marveled at. He gave all the evil religious leaders the finger, went around doing what he wanted, whenever he wanted and said anything he wanted to anyone, anytime, anyplace. NO FEAR WHATSOEVER!

In John 14:12 Jesus said “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater [works] than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”   If that’s true, (and I believe it is) then we can perform supernatural feats of inhuman strength and wonder just like Jesus Christ did with no fear and the same level of boldness and conviction.

We can heal the sick. We can bring the dead back to life. We can access knowledge and wisdom of the ages unknown to mere mortals. We can control the weather. We can walk on water. We can turn water into wine. We can multiply a few morsels of food into an amount large enough to feed a large multitude of people and have 12 baskets of left overs! And the list goes on.

But it’s not of ourselves that we can do all this. We Need Holy Spirit

You see, we have a very rich, powerful, smart and famous benefactor that gives us all of our power and authority.

Comparing ourselves to superheroes, we’re more like Batman than Spider-Man. In the realm of comic book superheroes, Batman is a normal flesh and blood man just like you and me. Not someone bitten by a radio active spider or an alien from another planet like Superman. No. He’s just guy; a guy who has spent years developing self control and discipline. And then he learned specialized talents and enhanced them with technology.

Now he’s a crime fighting super hero. Much like us, he is fallible. He makes mistakes, slips up or even has an occasional error in judgment. But he does his best day after day and keeps on persevering knowing deep in his heart that he is making a difference in the world; even though the world rarely thanks him for it. Some even hate him for it, and seek to kill him.

Unlike us, his crime fighting powers depends heavily on his vast wealth to develop the technology that makes it all possible. His weakness is that very same technology that makes him great. It can be taken away and used against him or it can fail him by breaking down.

Unlike Batman, we have a source of power than can NEVER be taken away. It never runs out of power, it can never be used against us and it never breaks down. It is infallible, irreproachable (meaning it’s perfect in every respect), and best of all, it’s not of this Earth! Nobody can invent this power by natural earthly means and use it to compete against us.

Another Problem for ALL Superheroes: Succession.

Who’s going to take over for you when you’re gone? Batman is only one man. When he’s gone that’s it, it’s over. He needs an apprentice, like Robin, to teach and mentor; an understudy who will learn his craft and take over for him when he steps down. It seems to me, from what I’ve seen among superheroes, is that a good sidekick is really hard to find.

The greatest thing that we can do, out of all the superpowers we have this one is the most frustrating to our enemies: The ability to multiply.  We can do something that no comic book superhero could ever do. We can lead others to our benefactor to acquire the very same power that we have, and then instruct them on how to use it.

To aid in our multiplication process, the building of our “Righteous League of Superheroes”, our wise benefactor wrote a field training manual that we can use to quickly train this vast army of understudies who are capable of instantly performing just as we do.

This instruction manual is called the bible. Armed with the knowledge and wisdom contained within it, some may even grow beyond our performance and accomplish more than we did. This greatly pleases our benefactor. All of us in the Righteous League rejoice in the team work and in the overall accomplishments of ALL our dedicated teammates.

Let’s Talk about Villains

All Superheroes have to deal with bad guys. They come in an assortment of small time thugs up to varying degrees of more advanced intelligent criminals. Every superhero has at least one really big bad criminally insane super villain whom they battle against that is a constant thorn in their side.

Just like all superheroes, we too have a sworn enemy hell bent on our destruction. He’s relentless; stopping at nothing to see us distracted, discredited, dejected and if we let him win, eventually utterly destroyed. He’s a powerful, supernatural, invisible, insane evil genius with an army of minions numbering in the 100’s of BILLIONS both people and invisible spirits). They all do his bidding waging war against us with the wealth of the world at their disposal.

It takes supernatural power to fight off an angry supernatural being and his army of untold power, experience and influence. So therefore our wise and rich benefactor, we call him God, has given us such power to defend against and even defeat this defiant adversary and his army.

As a matter of fact, God has given us so much power that just ONE of us can stop our enemy AND his entire army in their tracks!

That level of power is a great power indeed. And with great power comes great responsibility.

God gave us a lot, and he expects a lot in return. The first thing he expects from us is that which he gives us first... Love. He expects other things as well, such as devotion, obedience, responsibility and accountability. These are all good traits to practice and master in any relationship. In the superhero business, such as we are in, in the Righteous League, they are absolutely crucial to the job at hand AND to your very own survival!

The more you learn about your gifted powers, the more you become responsible for. And the more you grow in your power, the more will be expected from you; both by God and by man. Luke 12:48 says, “…For to whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.”

Our God is a god of growth. Everything he entrusts to us we are to return back many fold through honest dealings. God rewards the go-getters and the risk takers. Are you like Batman… being brave and fearless putting yourself out there on patrol fighting crime? Or are you playing it safe? Keeping your head down, hiding in your mansion, ignoring the bat-signal, and not answering the ringing red phone from Commissioner Gordon?

Only two individuals can answer that question about your true level of righteous involvement; you and God.

As a born again Christian, you’ve been called to be a superhero. You’ve been given power and authority to do the good work of your Lord Christ Jesus. It’s your job to know him AND know what is expected or you, and then do it! Don’t worry about making mistakes, you’ll learn as you go. We are living what’s known as “on the job” training.

Luke 12:48 says, “To whom much is given, much shall be required…” Think about it.

By doing what you think is right, you will gain favor from Jesus and from God. By knowing what is right and doing what is expected of you, when Jesus comes back he will put you in charge of many things and allow you to enter into the joy of God’s kingdom.

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