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Holy Spirit Gifts of Healing Audio Sermon CD & MP3

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Christian Audio Sermon Bible Study CD Reveals the Truth about Receiving Gifts of Healing from the Holy Spirit; and How God wants you healed now!

Holy Spirit Gifts of Healing Audio Sermon CD & MP3

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There is a little known but simple formula to Christian healing. You can be healing people the same way Jesus Christ and his apostles did when all the right conditions are met.

Healing is nature’s way of repairing any living organism. Any living thing can heal itself in time given the right conditions, even if it is near death as long as the injury is not too severe to recover from. There is nothing new or supernatural about that. However, when God is involved, healing takes a step beyond normal. Sometimes a lot of steps beyond normal really fast. God can grant you miracle healing. In 1 Corinthians 12:7-10 there is a list of manifestations that shows some of what the gift of holy spirit can do for us. In verse 9 it says, “to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit”.

It’s called Gifts of Healing (Gift is plural) because when someone is sick or injured there are usually multiple issues that need to be addressed involving healing of many different things in various ways. Any doctor would agree with that.

The Definition of Gifts of Healing:

The manifestation of gifts of healing is when there are 2 or more born again Christians involved and God works His power through one or more of them via the Gift of Holy Spirit to heal the others. Jesus and the apostles believed that God can and will heal people. They had a positive mindset about it and they were always walking by faith with the Gift of Holy Spirit in the power of God. Once you have that going on, then “The Formula” for Christian Healing is reduced down to only 2 simple steps.

This bold new Audio CD titled “Receiving Gifts of Healing Today!” shows you what that formula is and gives you step by step instructions on how to operate Gifts of Healing.

Video sample of what you'll learn on this Healing Audio CD: Track 1

Video sample of what you'll learn on this Healing Audio CD: Track 1

Christian healing though the Holy Spirit manifestation Gifts of Healing is available today the same as it was in the bible. There is record though out the entire bible where men and women of God manifested gifts of healing. When you read about them, it always seems like it was so easy for them to do.

Have you ever wondered why it seemed so easy for them to do?  God granted Jesus Christ and his followers the power to heal the sick. If you are a born again Christian then God has granted you the same healing ability. All you need to know is how to use it!

Pastor Daniel Sweet discovered an amazingly simple method to healing people the same way the prophets did, the same way Jesus did and his apostles. He shows you step by step how to use this wonderful healing power from God. This is the real thing; any child of God can do it. Do you want to know what it is? He cracked the “secret hidden code” and reveals it to you in this bold new Audio CD titled, Receiving Gifts of Healing Today!

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Receiving Gifts of Healing Today! Discover how you can Receive Christian Healing from the Holy Spirit

This 30 minute Audio CD will be shipped right to your door. It is an easy to understand Step by Step guide for learning how to operate Gifts of Healing.

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