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Fruit of the Spirit Vs. Works of the Flesh Bible Study CD

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How to Manifest more Fruit of the Holy Spirit in Your Life and Not be Tricked by the Devil

On this Bible Study CD you are going to learn the biblical definition of "Fruit" in contrast to the "Works of the Flesh" and why knowing the difference is crucial to enjoying a life worth living. Discover how can easily enjoy more peace, love, patience and spiritual fulfillment in your life. Learn the easy way to avoid attracting more anger, unrest, fighting and hatred into your life.

You will also discover the common root of all conflicts regardless of the unique details and circumstances of each one. Knowing this one thing will help you understand and solve over 90% of all arguments you may ever encounter! Listen in on a discussion of the Fruit of the Spirit and discover for yourself in great detail how to manifest more of God’s blessings in your life.

Fruit of the Spirit Vs. Works of the Flesh Bible Study Audio Sermon CD Cover

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Bonus Material Included: Discover exactly what the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden was that caused the sudden spiritual death of Adam and Eve. That age old question finally answered… and No, it’s not an apple! The information in this audio bible study CD will help you understand what really happened to Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden when they ate the "Forbidden Fruit".

The truth is finally revealed about what the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is that killed Adam & Eve. It's still with us! Are you eating it? Know what they paid dearly for.

You can know the truth today while others are still wondering...

You might ask, "If the Bible has all the answers then why should I listen to your CD?"

Because I want to help you shorten your learning curve so you can benefit in 1 hour or less from the books of Genesis and Galatians what has taken me over 24 years to learn!

Why did I Record this Astounding New Bible Study CD about the Fruit of the Spirit Contrasting the Works of the Flesh?

The worlds' portrayal on the subject of Spiritual Fruit is one that typically leaves a person feeling confusion, frustration, humiliation and self doubt. This audio Bible Study Lesson on CD reveals to you from Bible scripture that GOD and the Holy Apostles say something completely different about what Jesus Christ made available to all of us who believe on him.

As a person who always had a heart for God, but unknowingly was walking the ways of the world for many years, I yearned to fill the ‘void' in my heart. I found many temporary ‘reliefs' but the emptiness always came back.When I reached an all time low in my life and was ready to really change, God brought to me a handful of people who taught me HOW to read God's Word to understand it and apply it to make change in my life.

I have lived through heart aches, pains, deep despair, and self condemnation. I have overcome those very same obstacles and more. I am a living testimony to what WE ALL CAN overcome the Works of the Flesh with God as our foundation. Allow me to be your guide and I will share it all with you, no holds barred on this CD.

This CD is a Concise Study on What the Fruit of the Spirit is and How the Works of the Flesh Can Destroy You Just like it did to Adam & Eve

What You Will Learn:

All this plus more is revealed to you on this enlightening bible study sermon on audio CD!

What this Audio Bible Study CD is NOT:

* This CD is not personal opinion, it is based on scripture.

* This CD is not denominationally biased. The biblical truths exposed are universal and will apply to you regardless of your religious background.

* This CD is not tippy toeing around the truth. I come right out and tell you so there is no guess work on your part.

* This CD is not New Age mumbo jumbo or psyco-babble or meta-physical theory.

Warning: This Audio CD will Bless Your Socks Off!

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