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What is Speaking in Tongues?
New Bible Study CD by Minister Daniel Sweet


Bible Study Video Lesson by Daniel Sweet
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This video is Track 3 from the new Bible Study CD titled “Speaking in Tongues: What It Is, What It’s For, and How to Do It”, now on sale on the bible study resources page.

On this revealing new 41 minute Audio CD, Speaking in Tongues is demystified and made simple to understand. Every born again Christian is given the Gift of Holy Spirit. Speaking in Tongues is one of the Nine Manifestations of the Gift of Holy Spirit. Speaking in Tongues is available to every Christian.

Speaking in tongues is you speaking of your own free will. You start when you want, you stop when you want, you set the amplitude, and you set the pace. You can speak in tongues fast, you can speak in tongues slow, you can speak in tongues out loud, and you can speak in tongues to yourself, stop and go when you want. When led by the holy spirit, you can not do the operation of tongues wrong.

On this revealing new bible study CD, you will learn what Speaking in Tongues is, why it is available and how to do it. This Audio CD is Part 1 in a 3 Part Series. Part 2 is Interpretation of Tongues; Part 3 is about the Manifestation of Prophecy.


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About the Teacher:

Daniel Sweet, President of God's Word First Christian Ministry

Minister Daniel Sweet is the President and founder of God's Word First Int'l Biblical Research & Teaching Ministry. He is widely known for his lively sense of humor, his fun loving attitude and openly candid opinions. Daniel Sweet is also a published author on the subject of Leadership, an investor and an entrepreneur owning several small businesses. He and his wife, Debbra Sweet have overseen the growth and development of multiple in home fellowships and have been instrumental in helping many people come to the knowledge and truth of God’s Word.

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