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The Bible is Supposed to Make Sense

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The Bible is our guide to life and godliness. What good is it to us if it's a mystery that doesn't make sense?

When reading the bible we are faced with the need to properly interpret what it is saying. It’s very important to read what it says and truly understand what it means… not just what you WANT it to mean. We are not to look at it from our own perspective giving it our own private interpretation of what we think it means.

II Peter 1:20 states, “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.”

No Private Interpretation!

"Private" means "one's own". We are not supposed to read it and try to figure out what we think it says, or ask around what other people think; or worse yet, try to twist it into what we want it to say. It means what the author (God) meant it to mean. He says what He means… and He means what He says!

Too many Christians come to the bible with a pre-conceived notion of what they believe and then they view scripture in the light of their own private beliefs. You know what? That's just human nature. We all do that with everything to some extent. It’s the way we experience the world around us and form personal opinions.

But as workmen of God’s word we MUST get past that. We MUST approach the word as an impartial judge. Just like attorneys will go head to head for hours arguing over their interpretation of the law but it is the job of a righteous and impartial magistrate to make the final call. As it is written in 1 Cor 6:3, “Know ye not that we shall judge angels?” How then can you hope to someday answer that higher calling if you are not rightly dividing, rightly understanding the word of truth now?

So then logically the question arises, "How are we supposed to rightly interpret the bible if we can not use our own private opinionated interpretation based on our own knowledge and experience?"

Easy. Let the bible interpret itself – God already has it all figured out for us.

Since the bible is perfect in its communication, then it cannot be confusing or contradict itself. Any confusion or apparent contradictions are due to translational errors and/or lack of our own understanding in the ways the bible interprets itself.

The bible will interpret itself (bring out the meaning) in one or more of five ways:

  1. In the Verse.
  2. In its Context through Narrative Development; that which is written immediately before of after the verse. Context can also be the set of circumstances or facts that surround a particular event or situation.
  3. Where it is Was Used Before. Verses must be in harmony with other verses on the same subject.
  4. The Time in Which it Was Written. This can also include figures of speech common during the time but either not in use now or misunderstood. Remember that the bible spans 7 different administrations covering over 6,000 years.
  5. To Whom it Was Written. (Closely related to the time it was written.)

Being workman of God's Word, ever searching the scriptures, endeavoring at all time to completely, righteously and to the very best of our limited ability understand the Word of Truth, we dig deep into language, translations and culture to get at the root core of what scripture really says and what it really means.

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