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The Temple of Herod the Great


Inside Map of Herod the Great's Temple


Herod's Temple in Jerusalem

Herod's Temple in Jerusalem was a massive expansion of the Temple Mount platform and major expansion of the Jewish Temple by King Herod the Great around 19 BCE.

Herod's Temple was under construction from c. 20/19 BCE until 63 CE, but most of the work was completed earlier rather than later. Another different temple to the goddess Roma was built by Herod the Great at about the same time in coastal Caesarea.

Herod's Temple to God (Yahweh)

Herod's Temple to Yahweh (God in Hebrew) is believed to have been a rennovation and reconstruction of the Second Temple building, while religious worship and temple rituals continued during the construction process.

Following the Great Revolt of the Province of Judah, the Temple was destroyed by Roman troops under Titus during the Siege of Jerusalem in 70 CE. The most complete ancient account of this event is The Jewish War by Flavius Josephus. Josephus says that during the Hasmonean period, the ravine between the Temple mount and the city was filled in to give better access to the Temple; in addition, the hill on which the Akra (fortress) stood was lowered, so that the Temple would be the tallest structure in Jerusalem and not be blocked from view by the Akra

Later Roman and Byzantine governors used the remains to build palaces, a Temple of Jupiter, and a Church. It was not until the Dome of the Rock was built between 687 and 691 that the last remnants of the Temple were taken down. In addition to the platform, some remnants of the Temples remain above ground, including a step leading to the Dome of the Rock that is actually the capstone of the pre-Herodian wall of the Temple Mount platform.

Herod's Temple was one of the larger construction projects of the first century BCE. Herod was interested in perpetuating his name for all eternity through building projects, and his construction program was extensive. He had magnificent palaces in Masada, Caesarea and Tiberias. Herod built temples for various pagan gods to serve the gentile populations, which were paid for by heavy taxes on the local Jewish population.

Free Bible Map of Herod the Great's Temple

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