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College Bible Study Facts and Resources

When researching bible study college, know that in the United States there are over 7,021 colleges and universities. Out of those colleges however, there are only a few hundred good bible study colleges to choose from. When selecting a college for bible study remember that core values of the institution are very important. Weigh the school's core values against your own to aid in your bible study college selection.

Some examples of bible study college core values to consider may be the following:

  • Community - Working together as a team to serve the Lord.
  • Creativity - Finding biblical solutions to new and old problems.
  • Diversity - A diverse community reflects a reconciliation of students to Jesus across all campus demographics.
  • Excellence - In all ways: Education, approach to leadership, work, organization, bible study accuracy according to scripture, etc.
  • Integrity - Maintains a high level of sound moral uprightness characterized by honesty, truthfulness, respect, and sincerity.
  • Servant Leadership - Jesus Christ and his ministry being the prime example.

College Bible Studies

College bible studies should ultimately lead to personal spiritual growth. Look for a bible study college that offers a diverse set of adaptable training tools that can be customized to meet your own unique needs and growth goals. There are many ways to train upcoming leaders with a biblical approach. Through classes, in coaching sessions, and through training events are all great ways to engage in college bible studies.

A college bible studies course to be sure to take is called Hermeneutics. This word means "interpretation". We at God's Word First highly recommend this college bible studies course as foundational! As you can imagine, deciding what a passage in the Bible means can pose quite a challenge. Not only do different religions read the text differently, but so do various congregations within each religion. A course in hermeneutics will help you grasp past and current theories about how to interpret the Bible, and give you tools to understand it in ways that make sense in today's world.

You might find an online bible college more to your liking so don't rule them out just because classes are not held in a traditional indoor school setting. If funds are short then maybe consider looking into free online bible college courses as well.

Bible Study College

A good bible study college should stress the understanding, interpretation and application of biblical literature. The biblical material is best studied in light of its original historical environment so that an authentically biblical understanding can be applied to the theological and cultural issues of the modern age. Make sure the bible college you choose can assist all students in developing a biblical world view in which the principles and norms derived from the Word of God are applied to living in today's world. Spiritual values must be emphasized so that practical spiritual growth is experienced along with academic achievement.

Take the first life changing step toward your future with a visit to bible study college web site to learn more about college bible studies and get started today with your college bible college education.

College Bible Study Facts and Resources

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