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People who study with us are born again Christians from different churches and denominations from all over the world. They come with a basic knowledge of scripture, know the books of the Bible and have some experience manifesting "Power from on High" also known as the Gift of Holy Spirit.

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions then our Biblical Research and Teaching ministry is a perfect fit foryou and we at God's Word First welcome you with open arms! If you are in need of a bible, then you may download a Free KJV Version Bible here.

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God's Word First is an action oriented Biblical Research and Teaching Ministry; meaning, we learn the truth through devotion to searching out the accuracy of scriptures (2 Timothy 2:15) and then focus on doing the word rather than being hearers only. (James 1:22, 25) Our vision is that the Gift of Holy Spirit be fully realized within every born again Christian manifesting Power from on High. Therefore we are dedicated to helping Christians understand the bible, known as the living Word of God, and in encourage them to be keeping God's Word (the Bible) first in their lives for greater spiritual prosperity.

Bible Study Audio & Video Lessons

Putting God's Word First in Your Life
What is Speaking in Tongues?
How to Understand the Bible
Are You Separating Church from Real Life?
Your Gauge to Godliness
How to Fill the Emotional Hole in Your Heart
Interpreting Tongues for the Beginner: A "How to" Guide
What Really Happened to Adam & Eve
How the Gift of Holy Spirit Works
Arrogant Christians Believe God Will Never Leave Them
The Birth of Jesus Christ - What Really Happened
How to Have a Happy Marriage - Communication
Listening to God & Dirtbiking with Debbra Sweet
Christians Have No Power
Overcoming Obstacles and Life Challenges
With Great Power from God comes Great Responsibility
Holy Spirit is Available Today
God's Grace and Mercy Toward Moocher Christians

Bible Study Articles

About God

What is the Holy Spirit? Biblical Answers Revealed
Holy Spirit Bible Verses Explained
Plain Talk about Who God Is
Who's Side is God On?
The Trinity Explained
Science vs. God
The Trinity: Truth or False Pagan Doctrine?
God's Will Concerning Health and Healing
Oh God: Tough Theological Questions Plainly Answered

Jesus Christ

Christian Outreach: WWJD?
What the Bible Really Says About the Birth of Christ
No man can say "Jesus is Lord"
Jesus saying "Born Again" in John 3:3 -Right or Wrong?
Did Jesus Die on a Cross or a Tree?
"I am" Statements of Jesus in Gospel of John 8:58 Explained
The Birth of Jesus Christ: What Really Happened
Holy Communion (Part 1): History - Where it All Began
Holy Communion (Part 2): What Jesus Really Meant at His Last Supper
Holy Communion (Part 3): Remembrance - Is One Little Wafer Enough?
The Blood Covenant
About Jesus the Man
Who were the Pharisees, Sadducees, Scribes and Zealots?
Taxing Baby Jesus: What if Jesus Christ was Born in 21st Century USA?
The Origin and History of Easter
Study on Number 153

The Gift of Holy Spirit

9 Manifestations of the Holy Spirit
What is Speaking in Tongues?
How to Speak in Tongues
What Interpretation of Tongues Really Is
Interpretation of Tongues: What it's for & How to do it
The Manifestation of Prophecy: What it is and How to do it
Christian Spiritual Gifts Inventory of Spiritual Blessings
Are All Born Again Christians Saved?
Word of Knowledge: Hearing from God
Word of Wisdom: Holy Spirit Gift Manifestation
Holy Spirit Sealed Inside You
What is Discerning of Spirits?
What Discerning of Spirits is NOT
Casting Out Devils for Spiritual Warfare Deliverance
The Manifestation of Faith
Manifestation of Miracles
The 3 Myths of Biblical Healing
Receive the Holy Spirit: Greek Word Study of Lambano & Dechomai
Is the Laying on of Hands Necessary?
Gifts of the Holy Spirit vs. Manifestations of One Gift
Slain in the Spirit is Demonic Influence
What -OR- Who is the Holy Spirit?
Holy Spirit is Available Today - Proof According to Scripture
Misunderstood Holy Spirit Verses Explained
Power from on High - To What End?
Cessationism Corrected: Proper Interpretation of 1 Cor 13:8
(Gift of) Holy Spirit: Once Given, It's Never Taken Away
Tough Bible Verses on What Holy Spirit Is

Fruit of the Spirit

Fruits of the Spirit - Bible Study in Galatians 5:22
Fruit of the Spirit: Each Defined and Explained
How to Grow Patience
The 4 Types of Love in Greek: Agape, Phileo, Eros and Storge
Pentecost: The Great Spiritual Awakening

Bible Study Topics

The Power of Effective Communication
Scripture Interprets Itself
Salt of the Earth
How Children Can Avoid Peer Pressure
Santa Claus and Other Counterfeits of God's Truth
Five Powerful Bible Study Tips
Repairing the Reprobate Mind
How to Rightly Divide the Word of God - Part 1
How to Rightly Divide the Word of God - Part 2
Christian Desire and Wanting: Is it Wrong?
How to Tithe Right: Giving from Your Heart
Gay Rights, God Bashing and the CA. Prop 8 Gay Marriage Debate
Is the Bible Full of Contradictions?
The Meaning of Shavuot, Passover and Pentecost
613 Old Testament Commandments in the Torah
What Really Happened to Adam & Eve
Dispensationalism: Understanding Dispensations in the Bible
Faith Explained: Biblical Definition vs. Worldly Definition
Works of the Flesh Defined and Explained
Gifts or Manifestations? Explained: For to one is given... to another...
Believing God Will Never Leave You is Dangerous
Parable of the Talents: True Meaning Explained
Blasphemy Against the Holy Spirit
Pride vs. Meekness and Humility: Unlocking God's Power
Proverbs Cp1-2: Commentary Word Study on Wisdom and Understanding
Proverbs 4 Commentary on Wisdom of Solomon
Reading the Bible from a Hebrew Perspective
The Meaning of Amen
The Bible is Supposed to Make Sense


Overcome Labels That are Holding You Back
God's Word in Grace
How to Overcome Depression
Reflections of a Vessel
Christ in You and the Renewed Mind
Mission Possible
Can We Just Talk?
Christian Music - Thoughts of a Christian Musician
What My Kids Taught Me About God from a Cookie
Timeless Wisdom: The Tale of the Ant and the Grasshopper
Believing in Lies vs. Knowing the Truth
Gauge to Godliness: How Close to God are You?
Trusting in God
Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?
What Every Boy Needs to Hear from his Dad
The Dangerous Road of Immorality
Make Time for God
Sin and Forgiveness
Emotional Healing through Positive Feelings
Sharing Your Feelings: You Reap What You Sow
God Given Gifts: Which is the Greatest Gift of God?
Born Again Christians are Real Life Superheroes
Finding Inner Peace
Honor thy Mother: Celebrating Mother's Day God’s Way
Celebrating Father's Day
The Gift of Thankfulness
You Are What You Believe
Biblical Christian Stewardship

Walking by Faith (Believing)

The 7 Vital Signs of a Born Again Believer
Forgiveness God's Way
Faith vs Fear: Are You Running Scared or Believing in God?
Faith, Hope and Believing
Why Should You Be Tithing?
Walking with God: Study in Proverbs 3
Christian Healing Happens When Walking by Faith
Gaining Wisdom and Understanding
Who are the True Christians?
How Christian Believing Works
Example of God's Grace and Mercy to Sinners
Is There Such a Thing as Luck?
Overcoming Obstacles by Faith in God, Study of Isa. 40:31
New Reformation: A Spiritual Awakening upon Us

Church Leadership

Church Tax Exempt Status is Illegal in USA
What to Look for in a Christian Leader
Keeping Sound Wisdom & Discretion
Problems Facing the Christian Church Today
National Prayer Day: Turning Hearts Back to God

End Times - Eschatology

Christian Beliefs about the End Times
Jesus Coming in the Clouds: What the Rapture Really Looks Like
Covenant IO: Israel Only - What They Believe
The Book of Revelation, the End Times and the Rapture

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